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Where in the world is President Bush?

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 26, 2007 10:49 PM

***Update: Here’s news coverage of the visit***

According to USA Today, President Bush is scheduled to pay a visit tomorrow to the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. for its re-dedication. Re-dedication to what and from what, I have no idea.

I do know this: The Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., was the same mosque that Bush visited after 9/11 and declared: “Islam is peace.”

It is one of the mosques funded and supported by the Saudi kingdom. The chairman of the center’s board is Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan. It was embroiled in a big embezzlement scandal last year. And its former head, Muhammad Al-‘Asi, reportedly told Iranian TV: “The 9/11 Events Were Planned by the American Administration.”

Um, doesn’t President Bush have anything better to do tomorrow? Preach to the open-borders choir? Twist some Senators’ arms? Anything?

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