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Another Democrat yakfest: Howard U. debate yields important info–Biden and Obama have been tested for AIDS Update: Obama more fizzle than sizzle?

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 28, 2007 08:32 PM

I had forgotten about the Democrat presidential debate tonight at Howard University. Thanks to LaShawn Barber for reminding me. She is one of the few credentialed conservative bloggers at the event tonight reporting on the scene. I doubt anything really new or newsworthy will come out of it, but tune in to LaShawn’s in case anything does. The snoozefest begins at 9pm Eastern on PBS.

Race will be on everyone’s mind. Look for the candidates to out-diversity one another.

I imagine the SCOTUS rulings against government racial preferences will come up–with every one of the candidates promising to appoint justices who will bring back Big Brother bean-counting in the name of “equal protection.”

9:11pm Eastern. I tuned in out of curiosity. This is the strangest presidential debate opening I’ve ever seen. It’s more like a pep rally/beauty pageant. Cornel West, Harry Belafonte, and Al Sharpton are in the crowd. Audience members are on their feet, shouting for their candidates.

Ding, ding, ding! The first question is about the SCOTUS ruling and it goes to Hillary Clinton. “For anyone to deny that race isn’t a problem is to deny reality.” Hillary calls the rulings today “turning back the clock.”

“The march is not finished…the work is not yet done.”

Oh, oh–I hear Hillary’s Selma/Kentucky Fried accent slipping through.

9:49pm Eastern update. I’ve been paying attention with half an ear. This was a little strange exchange…Joe Biden is bragging about getting tested for AIDS. Biden says he knows Obama got tested for AIDS. Is this a group confessional or a presidential debate? Camera cuts to Obama and he doesn’t seem very happy. Biden finishes bloviating and Obama interrupts to clarify that “I got tested for AIDS with [my wife] Michelle. Just so there’s no confusion.”

Oooo-kay. Clarified.

10:00pm Eastern update. Obama uses one of the most cliched civil rights soundbites in response to a question about mandatory minimum drug sentences: “We have to make sure that ‘justice’ doesn’t just mean ‘just us.'”

Rolling eyes.

10:07pm Eastern update. Weird. Journalist panelist Michel Martin asks the candidates if they would support a federal law guaranteeing the right to return to New Orleans, based on international human rights law on “displaced persons.”
Bill Richardson would support it. John Edwards doesn’t answer the question, but promises to appoint a special New Orleans adviser to report every day on what’s happening in New Orleans.

A New Orleans Czar, I guess.

Obama wants one, too.

These Dems are really…creepy.

I’m leaving the rest to LaShawn.

The AP files a rather pedestrian dispatch on the debate.

Did Obama fizzle or sizzle? This was supposed to be his crowd. But at least one Obama fan over at the official Obama campaign blog is not happy:

He blew it! | Report to Admin
By Dawn from Arlington, VA 41 minutes ago
My worse nightmare come true! After tonight’s debate, I think it’s going to be almost impossible for Senator Obama to wrestle the Black female vote from Hillary Clinton. I know he’s incredibly thoughtful, but he was cerebral when he needed to be inspirational! The audience wanted to love him, but he really let them (us) down. This was supposed to be a welcome home of sorts for Obama and instead he looked like a stranger in his own house. Hillary is 3 for 3 and well on her way to victory. I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight.

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