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The diminished credibility of the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 2, 2007 08:58 AM

Update: Chertoff plays down report of imminent al Qaeda attack. Plays up shortage of lettuce pickers. And here’s more Chertoff finger-wagging.

Actions have consequences. One of the negative consequences of the Department of Homeland Security’s push for shamnesty is its shrinking credibility. From the dog-and-pony show raids before shamnesty hit the Senate floor to the smearing of opponents during the legislative debate to the inaction of “emergency” border security appropriations after the bill’s defeat, DHS and its chief Michael Chertoff have abandoned principled enforcement of immigration laws for cynical, open-borders politicking.

We won’t forget the frenetic smear campaign that Chertoff waged against principled opponents of the Bush-Kennedy immigration disaster. We won’t forget that while global jihad marched on, Secretary Chertoff was more worried about the availability of cheap lettuce pickers than about terrorist operatives slipping past our air, land, and sea borders.

Now, in the wake of last week’s two attempted terrorist car bombings in London and Glasgow, Chertoff is all over the airwaves reassuring us that he’s got everything under control in the U.S. He appeared on weekend talk shows to encourage the American people to “be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to authorities.”

Uh-huh. This from the public official who maligned vigilant immigration enforcement proponents as ignorant bigots who want to execute illegal aliens. This from the public official who has dismissed strict enforcement of our immigration laws as infeasible. This from the public official who lavished praise on security-undermining Teddy Kennedy as “awesome.”

In a last-ditch effort to save shamnesty, the White House dangled a $4.4 billion emergency border security buyout tied to the deal. Why isn’t Chertoff asking for that money now?

The heroic opponents of the Bush-Kennedy bill in the Senate hammered away at the crisis of confidence the American people have in the ability of the feds to secure our borders. There’s no better illustration of that the fatally diminished credibility of the Department of Homeland Insecurity in these dangerous times.

Be vigilant? Oh yes we will be—with no thanks to Michael Chertoff. He can pay lip service to national security all he wants now. But we know where his priorities really are:


NRO to White House: Get real.

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