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Dallas-Based Discount Chain to Accept Pesos

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 12, 2007 07:38 PM

Yes, you read that right. According to the local Fox affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, the retail store Value Giant will start accepting pesos as payment (hat tip: reader Pamela):

Dallas-based chain Value Giant announced Thursday that their retail stores will begin accepting Mexican pesos as payment, according to a press release.

The Value Giant store at Southwest Center Mall will be hosting a promotional event on Saturday to introduce the new policy.

Value Giant is a regional discount retailer offering groceries, clothes, electronics and general merchandise.

Another Dallas retailer, Pizza Patron, kicked off the trend in January.

Sovereignty? What sovereignty? Borders? What borders?


Don’t expect the Bush administration to do anything about this. The Bush Treasury Department, I remind you, approved of the use of the phony illegal alien matricula consular cards from Mexico despite national security concerns.

Cero peso, anyone?



Here’s the Pizza Patron announcement from January:

Dallas, TX – January, 08, 2007 – Pizza Patrón, the premier Latino pizza brand, which goes by the slogan “Mas Pizza. Menos Dinero,” announced today that it would be accepting Mexican pesos as well as U.S. currency at each of its 59 locations nationwide. The Pizza por Pesos” program goes into effect immediately, and is scheduled to run until the end of February 2007. The timetable may be extended depending upon the needs of their core Hispanic customer base.

“Many of our customers travel back and forth to Mexico regularly, and sometimes they end up with pesos left over,” said Ernesto Alonso Hernandez, director or restaurant operations for Pizza Patrón Inc. “We have always welcomed our people, and now we also welcome the currency of our homeland. We want to make Pizza Patrón a better choice for our customers than any of our competitors.”

The program will be supported by in-store graphics and displays that feature the flag of Mexico as well as the message ‘Bienvenido Paisano’ (Welcome Countrymen). Pizza Patrón is the only national pizza franchise to offer a 15-inch large ready now pizza for $4.99, part of their Lista™ (ready now) line of menu items. The brand has always been committed to providing an affordable family meal, and now makes it even more convenient with the acceptance of Pesos!

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