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How to help the Linnik family

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 15, 2007 08:33 AM


7/16 7:29am Eastern update: Zina loved Fruit roll-ups, swimming, and tetherball.

7/16 12:00am Eastern update: Thousands gather to say goodbye to Zina Linnik

zina.jpg Via the Tacoma News Tribune, here’s how to help the family of Zina Linnik. Three accounts have been opened for donations fto memorial funds:

• The Zina Linnik Memorial Fund at Key Bank. Donations can be made at any branch.

• The Tacoma Police Department opened an account for the Linnik family at TAPCO Credit Union. Locations are available at www.tapcocu.org or by calling 253-565-9895.

• The Linnik Memorial Fund at any Bank of America branch. The money can be withdrawn only by Zina’s father.

Faith is helping the family pull through.

Via the Seattle P-I, Zina’s uncle speaks out about the government’s failure to kick criminal aliens like Adhahn out of the country:

“It’s very, very hard for the family,” said Anatoly Kalchik, Zina’s uncle. “But they are strong believers, they believe in God.”

Zina’s parents, who intermittently attend a Russian-speaking Pentecostal church, emigrated from Ukraine to the United States about 10 years ago. Her father, Mikhail Linnik, works as an appliance repairman. Her mother stays home with their children.

According to Nina, their house is full of relatives but many other relatives live in Ukraine, and her father told them about the tragedy by phone.

“I think the hardest it is for my mom; she cries all the time,” Nina Linnik said…

Zina’s uncle was angry that the suspect had not been deported after being convicted in a sex crime.

“We are all immigrants, but we come legally,” Kalchik said of his family. He added that the adults all cleared a criminal background check.

“If someone is a sex offender, or any kind of offender, he has no business being in America,” he said.

A source in the Washington state Senate tells me they are looking into the 287(g) program (see here and here for background).

Good. Every state legislature should be doing the same. It’s a start toward stopping the criminal alien revolving door. There’s much more to be done.

Stay tuned.

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