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An all-nighter in the Senate? Reid prepares rollaway beds Update: GOP senators “happy to stay and debate”

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 16, 2007 03:56 PM


Harry Reid schedules a Senate sleepover: Dems admit it’s a “publicity stunt”

Update 7:00pm Eastern: McConnell says GOP senators are “happy to stay and debate this.”

The left-wing blogs are reporting that Harry Reid has moved to force the Senate into an all-night session Tuesday over the Iraq war. Stand by for details…

Major Garrett has details. The FoxNews.com headline is “Reid Threatens to Keep Senate Up All Night, Republicans Yawn:”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has threatened to keep the Senate awake all night Tuesday to protest GOP blocking tactics on moves to compel U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq.

Senate Republican leaders, alerted to Reid’s plans on Monday, said they have the votes to keep the president’s surge policy in place, at least for now, and called Reid’s up-all-night gambit a stunt that wouldn’t change any minds.

Senior Democratic leadershp aides said that Reid was planning a Tuesday all-nighter — complete with roll-away beds — to draw public attention to GOP demands that any changes to Iraq policy carry a 60-vote majority.

“Is this a publicity stunt? Yes,” a senior Democratic aide told FOX News. “This is the only way we know to highlight their complete ignorance of the will of the people!”

Background on the Levin-Reed amendment here.


If you haven’t read Michael Yon’s latest and Bryan Preston’s latest on Iraq, now’s the time.

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