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CNN/YouTube (or is it YawnTube?) debate ratings are in: Not so "historic"

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 24, 2007 09:25 PM

So much for all that sound and 2.0 fury about the CNN/YouTube Democrat presidential debate. The ratings are in and they are not impressive. Inside Cable News reports:

Comparing the ratings for the CNN/YouTube Debate with the ratings for the CNN New Hampshire Democratic Debate, CNN was down a bit across the board; down by 6% in Total Viewers and down by 21% in Demo Viewers (25-54)…

YouTube Debate – 2,552,000 Total Viewers/831,000 Demo Viewers
New Hampshire Debate – 2,714,000 Total Viewers/1,050 Demo Viewers

Next time: More talking snowman, less Anderson Cooper.


Gerard Vanderleun dubs it “1984 in reverse:”

CNN and YouTube (Google) made sure to milk this moment for all it was worth even down to bringing in the now ubiquitous “body language” consultant to read the auguries of how the candidates handled themselves, and remark on the feminization of Hillary. The main message seemed to be that it was “You” — in control at last through the power of “new” media — that were at last “making a difference.” This is of course utter crap. The dual filters of CNN and YouTube/Google made sure that only a carefully shaped “selection” got through and got played.

For those that actually got their “question videos” (“39 out of 3,000”) screened during this daisy chain I’m sure it was a high point of their online lives. For the candidates I’m equally sure it was a low point, to date, of the long and winding and low road to ultimate power.

What amazes me in this endless road show is how much crap a candidate will eat and for how long, but then again I cannot comprehend how the mind of a professional politician actually functions in this environment. In an era that cries out for great men and women to step forward, we seem to field only those made of cardboard; two dimensional souls for a four dimensional world where image is the alpha and omega of all things political.

And over all the image of a hazy projection of various souls bleating out on their pro/am videos the questions that most compel them at this point in this era. The shoddy productions were only outdone by the shoddier concept.

Well put.


A YouTuber recuts the YouTube debate. Muuuch better:

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