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Blocks of cheese with wires sticking out

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 25, 2007 01:47 AM

NBC News obtained a TSA unclassified bulletin about possible airplane/airport dry runs by terrorists probing homeland security.

What caught my eye were the photos of some of the suspicious devices taken by airport authorities:



The report states that “individuals involved in these incidents were of varying gender.”

Oookay. Is that all they can tell us, though? Did any other traits “vary?” Shouldn’t we know a little more about the people giving shady explanations for toting around blocks of cheese with wires sticking out or taped to a cell-phone charger?

Every vigilant traveler–every once and future John Doe–should take a look at the TSA warning. And if you see something cheesy, say something. At the very least, you’ll offend a cheddar-lover. At best, you could save thousands of lives. Quite worth the risk, I think.

Speaking of John Does, it appears–take with a grain of salt–that the John Doe protection amendment will become law. But there is still no final language of the amendment.

Be on the lookout…


And speaking of dry runs, remember this?

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