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Private Beauchamp's shame

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 6, 2007 02:21 PM

Father Paul McNellis at the Democracy Project lays out the choices for Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Matt at Blackfive calls it the “best word on Beauchamp.” The conclusion:

When it comes to being a good man or something else, there is no middle ground. You’re either trying to become a better man, or you’re not; you’re moving in one direction or the other.

Pvt. Beauchamp has two choices.

He can await his discharge and then return to testify before Congress as the victim veteran in the “proud of being ashamed” mode. He might even run for Congress himself. He wouldn’t be the first.

Or, he can use his remaining time in the military to earn an honorable discharge. He could try to leave the military as a better man than when he entered. There are hints from his blog that he was already moving in that direction.

I would urge Pvt. Beauchamp to look at those in his unit, some of whom he surely respects and admires. Imitate them, and in the process you will become a better soldier, a better friend, a better husband, one day a better father, and…in the end, a better writer.

That will also leave you with something far better than the anemic sense of shame you describe; it will leave you with a sense of honor. And though TNR may no longer be interested in what you write, you will surely have become a better man.

Don’t hold your breath.

Meantime, Bob Owens has a new update from U.S. Army Public Affairs Chief PAO for US ARCENT Kuwait LTC Andy Sams…still looking for confirmation of the female civilian contract with a half-melted face.

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