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No, we don't need another 9/11

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 10, 2007 11:30 AM

Stu Bykofsky at the Philly Daily News wrote a provocative column yesterday that garnered some buzz: “To save America, we need another 9/11.”

It begins:

ONE MONTH from The Anniversary, I’m thinking another 9/11 would help America.

What kind of a sick bastard would write such a thing?

A bastard so sick of how splintered we are politically – thanks mainly to our ineptitude in Iraq – that we have forgotten who the enemy is.

It is not Bush and it is not Hillary and it is not Daily Kos or Bill O’Reilly or Giuliani or Barack. It is global terrorists who use Islam to justify their hideous sins, including blowing up women and children.

And it ends:

America’s fabric is pulling apart like a cheap sweater.

What would sew us back together?

Another 9/11 attack.

The Golden Gate Bridge. Mount Rushmore. Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The Philadelphia subway system. The U.S. is a target-rich environment for al Qaeda.

Is there any doubt they are planning to hit us again?

If it is to be, then let it be. It will take another attack on the homeland to quell the chattering of chipmunks and to restore America’s righteous rage and singular purpose to prevail.

The unity brought by such an attack sadly won’t last forever.

The first 9/11 proved that.

I met Bykofsky several years ago. He’s a veteran newsie and all-around great guy, but I think this column was as tone-deaf as Steve Levitt’s whimsical Think Like a Terrorist blog post at the NYTimes. He wants more Americans murdered on American soil to “sew us back together?”

We don’t need healing. We need the half of the country that doesn’t believe we are under threat from global jihad to wake up and smell the suicide bomb smoke.

The answer isn’t to pray for another mass terrorist attack. The answer is to educate the sheeple about our enemies, name them, shame them, fight them overseas, and fight them and their apologists with every fiber of our collective being here at home.

“Let it be?”

What the hell happened to “Let’s Roll?” It has been reduced to a gag line in the latest Tom Toles cartoon.

Tim Sumner has more.

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