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Your Black Muslim Bakery ordered to liquidate…Plus: Rep. Barbara Lee expresses regret; Rep. Ron Dellums leads pep rally, attacks media; black elite get a wake-up call

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 10, 2007 01:18 AM

The SFChron reports:

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Your Black Muslim Bakery, a 40-year-old purveyor of all-natural desserts that has been linked to the slaying of an Oakland journalist, to liquidate its assets.

U.S. bankruptcy Judge Edward Jellen rejected a request by the troubled Oakland bakery to dismiss bankruptcy proceedings, saying the bakery’s management problems are getting worse, not better.

“I think every fact dictates in favor of Chapter 7,” he said. “The circumstances are the same or worse than they have been. Management problems are certainly no better.”

The business is more than $900,000 in debt to the IRS, individual creditors and Davis Mortgage Investment Fund of Oakland. Its assets are about $1.9 million, according to its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in October.

The bakery’s chief executive, Yusuf Bey IV, 21, is in custody on kidnapping charges after his arrest Friday in a police raid on the bakery, which was shuttered.

Another bakery employee, handyman Devaughndre Broussard, 19, was later arrested and police say he confessed to last Thursday’s slaying of journalist Chauncey Bailey, editor of the weekly Oakland Post, who was investigating the bakery’s bankruptcy proceedings.

Jellen ordered the bakery to enter Chapter 7 in July.

Who’s owed what?

According to court documents and public records, Your Black Muslim Bakery owes about $200,000 to the IRS; $100,000 to a creditor, Richard Stovall; and $11,000 to another creditor, Patricia Hill. In 2005, the bakery borrowed $625,000 from an Oakland mortgage company, Davis Mortgage Investment Fund.

The bakery did not file W-2 forms to the IRS in 2005 or 2006, and other filings showed discrepancies in wages paid to employees, Patricia Montero, an IRS attorney, told the judge Thursday.

The bakery was closed Aug. 3 by the Alameda County Health Department for health code violations. It is also under investigation by the state Department of Fish and Game for allegedly allowing grease to leak into a storm drain.

A trustee has been appointed to take over the bakery.

Meanwhile, here’s another one for the “Too Little, Too Late” file from Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee:

“At the request of representatives of Your Black Muslim Bakery, my office provided a letter to a federal agency related to the bankruptcy,” Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, said in a statement issued Thursday. “Like many people, I historically supported the bakery because it has been an important institution in the community, but it is clear that is no longer the case.

“Knowing what we know now, we would not have provided such support, and we are reviewing our casework intake process in an effort to avoid any such circumstance in the future,” Lee said.

Lee’s office has refused to release the letter, citing the confidentiality of constituent casework; the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t apply to Congress.

“The casework our office provided was casework that we would provide to an constituent who came into our office,” the statement said. “Our mission has always been to serve all of our constituents equally and without preference. While this instance is an exception, we are in principle uncomfortable with the idea that federal offices should be in the habit of denying casework to anyone.”

Shameless Ron Dellums, longtime supporter of the Muslim bakery, has the gall to blame local media for being “cynical.” Read this:

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums lashed out today against what he described as “cynical” news reporters.

At a packed news conference at a city hall hearing room where he announced his agenda for reducing crime in Oakland, Dellums said reporters “have to move beyond ‘if it bleeds it leads.'”

Apparently referring to reporters, Dellums said, “Fear and cynicism can destroy a community” and called for reporters to participate in his multi-pronged plan to reduce violence, stating that everyone in the room should work together.

When a television reporter asked a question and said she didn’t want to be cynical, Dellums told her, “Your job is to be cynical.”

Although the gathering was billed as a news conference, it was more like a pep rally because Dellums’ Oakland City Hall supporters greatly outnumbered the reporters who attended.

The city employees cheered Dellums’ remarks about “cynical reporters” and muttered disapproval at some of the questions asked by reporters.

When Sanjiv Handa of the East Bay News Service, who has covered City Hall for many years, asked a question, a city employee in the back of the room turned to Dellums’s deputy chief of staff, Victor Ochoa, who was standing next to him, and said, “Can we just shoot him – that’s the cynic.”

Ochoa chuckled.

Over at the WaPo, there’s this: “For Some in Oakland, Editor’s Death Shows Subversion of Black Activism.”

Bailey’s death has shaken Oakland’s black elite. Bailey was a member of their fraternity and, like them, had promoted Oakland’s transition from 1970s crucible of black power to African American establishment showcase.

“This was sort of the Oakland version of a fatwa,” said Ishmael Reed, the poet and author of two books on Oakland. “This will wake up the African American elite, because they could be next. They feel very vulnerable now, after hundreds of people have been killed in the streets.”

More than 700 people turned out on Wednesday for Bailey’s funeral, which doubled as a collective action against the fact that nine out of 10 black murder victims are slain by other blacks. “Stop Black on Black Violence,” read a sign held by one mourner.

“What’s happening nowadays is kind of startling to the whole city,” said Phil Baker, 60, who wore the black leather vest of the East Bay Dragons motorcycle club, a mainstream civic group in Oakland. At the pulpit, Mayor Ron Dellums summoned state help to patrol streets where seven more men were killed in the two days after Bailey was slain.

“It’s breathtaking what’s happening here,” Baker said.



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