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Smearing Bobby Jindal

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 23, 2007 03:26 PM

I’ve written before about desperate liberal attacks on GOP rising star and gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal. The latest comes from Louisiana Democrats attacking him as “anti-Protestant” by twisting an essay on religion he published in the Oxford Review. Jindal is Catholic. Ed Morrissey has more. Here’s the dirty Democrat ad:

It’s not just Republicans who are now objecting to the low blow. Via the Jindal for Governor campaign, here are independent and Democrat officials in Louisiana who have gone on record opposing the attack:

I met Bobby Jindal two years ago, and what impressed me the most above everything else was how sincere and openly he talked about his Christian faith. Louisiana needs more public servants that are willing to stand up and be unashamed of their faith in Jesus Christ. I am a Democrat, and I don’t know about other parts of this state, but in Caldwell parish, we put a lot more stock in a man’s character and values, than in an R or D by their name. Bobby Jindal has been unashamed to share his personal testimony with me, and in my opinion anyone who attacks Bobby’s Christian testimony should sleep with a heavy conscience.

Steve May (D)
Caldwell Parish Sheriff

I am proud to be a Democrat, but I am disgusted by the Louisiana Democratic Party operatives’ recent attacks on Bobby Jindal’s Christian faith. Bobby has been one of the strongest defenders of family values and he has personally shared with me his commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s more important to me than any party label, and I am proud to stand with him.

Ben Nevers (D)
State Senator

I am supporting Bobby Jindal because he is a man of honesty and integrity; a Christian man who is sincerely concerned about all people from all walks of life. Bobby will bring a new vision to Louisiana, removing the negative image of the past and present regarding corrupt elected officials. With Bobby Jindal as our Governor, a positive light will shine on Louisiana as other states look on.

Wayne Jones (D)
St. John the Baptist Sheriff

I’ve visited and talked with Bobby Jindal on multiple occasions, and the petty party politics that the Democratic party is trying to use to criticize Bobby Jindal’s personal decision to share his Christian faith is one of the lowest form of dirty political tricks I have ever seen. I’m not a Republican OR a Democrat. I am an Independent, but I’m a Christian and Louisianian first, and countless others in Northwest Louisiana share those same priorities. Its time our state expect more from its leaders, and we finally have a chance to change how the rest of the world looks at Louisiana if we elect Bobby as our next Governor. I hope the Democratic Party operatives who are attacking Bobby on his Christian beliefs pay a heavy price with the voters of this great state.

Chip Dickie (I)
Mayor of Oil City

“This is not the Democratic Party that I agreed to join years ago. Anyone that believes it’s a good idea to attack a man who is willing to share his Christian beliefs, is dead wrong. At a time when our state needs to come together, dirty campaign operatives are trying to divide us among religious lines. This attempt is despicable and I urge the Party’s elected leaders to join me in denouncing this ad immediately.”

Randy “Country” Seal (D)
Washington Parish Assessor
President of the Louisiana Assessors Association

“As a Democratic Mayor in South Louisiana, I am calling on my colleagues and friends across this great state to demand that the Democratic Party in Baton Rouge cease and desist the attack ads on Bobby Jindal’s Christian faith. I have heard Bobby Jindal give his personal testimony, and the idea of any person or organization stooping to this level has insulted the religions of all Louisianians. This is not an attack just on Bobby’s Christian beliefs, but on ALL religious beliefs. I have seen dirty politics in the past, but this is a new low.”

Raymond Harris (D)
Mayor of Franklin

“I have had the privilege of hearing Bobby’s Christian testimony first hand in my own parish, which makes these attacks by the Democratic Party’s paid operatives inexcusable. As a Christian, I am personally offended by these tactics and the people of Louisiana should not accept this behavior. For the Democratic Party to alter Bobby’s Christian writings is a desperate attempt for political gain, and is a new low in Louisiana politics.”

Mike Grimmer (D)
Livingston Parish President

As a registered Democrat, I have not always followed party lines in voting. This gubernatorial election will also see me crossing the line and voting for Bobby Jindal for Governor. To be honest, I am ashamed of the Democratic party after the ads, attempting to smear Bobby’s Christian faith, strong moral values, and character hit the air this week. I urge everyone to stop this king of low-down and shameful politicking by casting your vote for the most qualified and honest candidate in this campaign – Bobby Jindal.

Jack Hammons (D)
Mayor of Winnsboro

A lawyer for the Jindal campaign has asked that the ads be pulled:

A Louisiana Democratic Party ad accusing Republican candidate for governor Bobby Jindal of calling Protestants “scandalous, depraved, selfish and heretical” has prompted a firestorm of criticism and calls Tuesday from the GOP to take the ad off the air.

Political watchers questioned whether the ad went too far and whether it accurately reflects Jindal’s writings on Catholicism. Republicans and the head of a national Catholic organization called the ad a smear campaign.

Democrats say the 30-second TV spot — running in heavily Protestant central and north Louisiana — simply explains Jindal’s beliefs with his own words, using portions of Jindal’s religious writings through the 1990s, before he was an elected official.

A lawyer for the Jindal campaign sent a letter to nine television stations airing the ad, requesting that they stop showing it and calling it defamatory.

State Democratic Party officials said they won’t end the TV ad, and neither of the major Democratic candidates, state Sen. Walter Boasso and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, called for the ad to be removed from the air.

But a former communications strategist for Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who isn’t running for re-election in the Oct. 20 primary, called the ad an outrageous attack that distracts from more important topics in the governor’s race, like hurricane recovery, health care and education.

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