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Friday Factor and Friday Fun

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 24, 2007 12:02 PM

Summer’s wrapping up. I’ll have three more guest-hosting stints in the No-Spin Zone–tonight, Monday, and Tuesday. Good news: No Lindsay Lohan! We’ll be following up on the Newark murders, criminal illegal aliens, the Washington state ferry/FBI lookout story, and more. Tune in at 8pm Eastern.

Meantime, I’ve been able to squeeze in some fun and games this summer. Check out our Wii Vent at Hot Air. I’m crazy about Wii. Great for sedentary bloggers. Plus, you can use it to access the Internet on the TV and catch up on your blog reading/Hot Air viewing in between Wii tennis matches.

Current Wii Fitness Age: 29!

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Monday Factor

September 10, 2007 07:29 PM by Michelle Malkin

No-spit zone. Hate speech and blind spots. Update: Video link added.

Tuesday Factor

September 4, 2007 02:02 PM by Michelle Malkin

The no-spit zone.

Tuesday Factor

August 28, 2007 04:01 PM by Michelle Malkin

Larry Craig’s wide stance examined.

Monday Factor

August 27, 2007 01:45 PM by Michelle Malkin

Tune in.

Monday Factor

August 20, 2007 04:02 PM by Michelle Malkin

Immigration in the No-Spin Zone.

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