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Cow manure and Shakedown posters: How to answer Jesse Jackson

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 30, 2007 02:31 PM

Jesse Jackson’s anti-gun protest came and went this week. But I bet you didn’t hear about this. One gun shop targeted by the race hustler didn’t sit by quietly:

A northwest suburban gun manufacturer was the focus yesterday as two high-profile Chicago clergy leaders led a demonstration outside the plant.

Revs. Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger, along with about 150 anti-gun violence protesters, were met by dozens of Lake Barrington residents and pro-gun enthusiasts when they arrived outside of D.S. Arms gun manufacturer.

This was the fifth anti-gun demonstration organized by Jackson and Pfleger. The previous protests were held outside of gun shop in Riverdale and Melrose Park. This time the duo wanted to up the ante.

“We do not manufacture guns in American cities. They come from places like this. Chicago is voted gun dry. We want Barrington to vote gun dry,” Jackson told supporters as pro-gun supporters countered that they had the right to exercise the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms.

D.S. Arms, a 20-year-old institution, manufactures semi-automatic assault rifles and does not sell to the public. They have about 20 clients, consisting of law enforcement and the military, said Michael Danworth, legal counsel for the company.Gun advocates sent a foul message to Jackson and his supporters.

In addition to enlarged posters of the book cover Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson hanging outside the plant, cow manure was spread in the middle of the road reserved for the rally and march. The area had to be cleaned before the protest began. When asked if the D.S. had knowledge of why the manure was on the road, an attorney for the company said no, but speculated as to why it was there.

“When you have got what we see in Rev. Jackson coming out here and promoting disinformation, to us that stinks to high heaven,” Danworth told reporters.

Dang, that’s good dung-slinging.

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