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Breaking…Mystery at Goose Creek update: Making bombs to save a “martyr”

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2007 05:42 PM


The plot thickens. Read the St. Petersburg Times: (Hat tip – reader Lynne)

Well, well, well:

PVC pipe filled with homemade “low-grade explosive mixture” and a videotape instruction for turning a remote-controlled toy car into a detonator were among the items found in the car driven by two University of South Florida students arrested in South Carolina and now facing federal explosives charges, according to a federal prosecutor.

An assistant U.S Attorney outlined the evidence confiscated from the car driven by two suspended USF students — describing a container and three pipes filled with a low grade explosive mixture.

The list also included a videotape that instructs viewers on how to convert a toy electric car into a detonator. Defendant Ahmed Mohamed has admitted making the tape, and in it he says he intended the instruction “to save one who wants to be a martyr for another battle,” said federal prosecutor Jay Hoffer.

Just two innocent boys with fireworks on their way to the beach, eh?

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