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Photoblogging: The Gathering of Eagles at Walter Reed

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2007 11:56 PM


The Eagles joined Free Republic.com members at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the weekly Friday “Freep” tonight to show support for the troops. Bryan Preston and I were there to join in, meet fellow Eagles, and film the gathering for a future Hot Air special (see our video report on the first Gathering of Eagles in March here).


If you’ve never been to the Walter Reed Friday gatherings, you should really make the time to attend. Folks traveled from New York, Oregon, North Carolina, and all points between and beyond to be there. We were there between 6:45pm and 8:15pm. The rain was light The mood was red, white, and blue. The honks of support from passing traffic were long and loud. Eagles and Freepers outnumbered the Code Pinkos by more than 100 to about 12. I also had the honor of talking to one of the wounded soldiers recuperating at Walter Reed. He was a young gunner whose vehicle was hit by an IED. He spent four hours pinned under the vehicle after the bomb caused it to overturn. He was disgusted by the MoveOn.org rhetoric and passionately opposed the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Here’s more of what we experienced…a taste of things to come tomorrow as GOE III kicks off. Hope you’ll be there:






For anyone living in Blue State America who has had to put up with Kerry-Edwards stickers and 1-20-09 stickers and Bush Lied stickers and Peace is Patriotic lawn signs, these will be welcome sights for sore eyes:








One last shot of a cross-dressing Code Pinko wading into the crowd of Eagles:


Col. Harry Riley and Col. George “Bud” Day issue their calls to arms.

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