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Jihad funding ring in Maryland…with illegal alien help

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 24, 2007 09:23 PM

Via Jihad Watch, here’s news of a bunch of FBI arrests in connection with a busted jihadi funding ring. Those ensnared include nine Pakistani illegal aliens, and one defendant charged with attempting to finance al Qaeda. National security-immigration enforcement nexus, anyone:

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested six more suspects of Pakistani origin from Maryland on charges of money laundering.

On Thursday, 11 suspects were arrested in Maryland, including nine illegal immigrants from Pakistan. On the same day, US federal officials had indicted 39 people, including some Pakistani operators of convenience stores in Eastern Shore communities, the Dawn reported.

Saifullah Ranjha, one of the defendants, was also charged with attempting to finance the al Qaeda.

A Pakistani official is downplaying the bust:

Commenting on the arrests, Pakistan’s Ambassador Mahmud Ali Durrani said that he did not know the details of this particular case, but similar cases in the past has shown that “American officials were often too zealous.”

Uh-huh. Meanwhile:

Spanish officials said on that acting on tips received from the FBI, they had arrested two Pakistanis from Madrid and Barcelona.

According to police, Anar Muhammad Shan and Mehmood Sandhu, who are members of a terror group, have allegedly collaborated with their accomplices in the US to transfer money to alleged al Qaeda men in Pakistan.

The FBI, however, has claimed that no such money transaction took place…

…According to reports, 45 suspects have been arrested so far in this sting operation in North America and Europe.
“Federal prosecutors are seeking $5.1 million in criminal forfeitures and ownership interest in two convenience stores located in Snow Hill, which belonged to a Pakistani,” the daily reported.

Federal prosecutors have identified one suspect as Mohammed Ahsan, a 49-year old Pakistani-American who lives in a Washington suburb Laurel.

As per the US officials, Ahsan was involved in laundering 520,000 dollars through his home in 2005 and 2006, believing he was helping drug dealers move their illicit money out of the United States.

Flashback: Here’s my report on the Baltimore terror cell.

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