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Shamnesty Watch: Monitoring the DREAM Act

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 26, 2007 10:50 AM

Grass-roots immigration enforcement activists continue to monitor and lobby against the illegal alien tuition break measure known as the “DREAM Act.” Numbers USA, as always, has the latest legislative developments. See my DREAM Act category for full coverage. MSM editorial boards and newsrooms are doing their best to help the opens-borders cause. But readers are pushing back.

Two letters of the morning in the Seattle Times:

“Maria” should get behind others striving for American Dream

Editor, The Times:

The question that is not answered by “Maria’s hopes rest on a DREAM” [Times, Kate Riley editorial column, Sept. 17] is, at what costs?

Many of us have struggled to put our own children through college or watched as they accumulated student-loan debt. Riley does not indicate what the financial costs will be to each of us who must eventually foot the bill by paying taxes to support the DREAM of others.

Also, in the other cited case, Lucy Bottomley’s stepfather did not think enough of her to legalize her immigration, so why should there be an exception made to our immigration laws to act in loco parentis?

I realize Riley has an opinion, which she poorly disguises with the most heart-wrenching examples instead of openly stating her position; I also think her efforts at sympathy cloud the actual debate on immigration reform. I am sure each of Riley’s heartstring examples could be offset by an example of someone not deserving of consideration.

— Rick Murphy, Shoreline

Position is near-criminal

Here we go again with this DREAM Act, which will turn out to be a nightmare.

The bad choices these illegals made and are making will and do affect their children, as all decisions affect families. Children of prisoners suffer but it doesn’t make it right that we reward those choices.

Sure, many children do well in school, but the bottom line is that we need to educate the children in our country and reward the immigrants who waited in line and played by the rules.

America doesn’t need to reform our laws to suit people who break laws. Would you change laws to let prisoners free just because their families suffer? Our country would be in disorder.

We need to take back America and enforce the laws that made our country great!

— Kathleen Bukoskey, Everett

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