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Miller: The beer of open-borders and S&M

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 2, 2007 12:05 PM

Photoshop: Reader Andy

The NYSun’s Josh Gerstein follows up today on the Miller Lite/Folsom Street leather/bondage fiasco:

One of America’s largest beer brewers, Miller Brewing Co., is reviewing its marketing practices after Christian groups complained about the firm’s sponsorship of a raunchy San Francisco festival, the Folsom Street Fair.

“We regret that our failure to adhere with our own policy led to an inappropriate use of our trademark and apologize to anyone who was offended as a result, particularly members of the Christian community who have contacted us to express their concern,” a company spokesman, Julian Green, said in a written statement yesterday. “We are conducting an immediate audit of our procedures for approving local marketing and sales sponsorships to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Are they really sorry, though?

While apologizing for any offense, Miller seemed to argue yesterday that it should be free to market to audiences whose practices are found offensive by many Americans. “It is important to understand that the Folsom Street Fair does not target the general public in its communications,” Miller’s Mr. Green said. “The fair itself and the organization’s Web site are only intended for the adult alternative lifestyle community.”

Tell that to the fathers of the twin toddlers in leather-studded collars.

More Miller mockery at Lone Star Times (barely-safe-for-work…don’t click if you want to keep your lunch down):


The Lone Star Times has Miller spokesman Julian Green’s contact info:


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