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GWU’s leftist hoax crime update: What will the administration do?

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 10, 2007 08:34 PM


The WashTimes has the full PDF of Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson’s letter to the George Washington University administration, which asks whether the school will apply its punishment standards equally to the leftist hoaxers who confessed to faking anti-Muslim flyers and pinning them on YAF.

When the campus officials suspected the flyers were real, they vowed to expel the perpetrators. Now that the hoaxers have confessed, what will the administration do?

WashTimes’ Stacy McCain has more:

student conservative leader said GW officials initially accused his group of publishing the posters, which Mr. Knapp condemned Monday as “reprehensible.”

“We were treated as suspects until the university got all the facts right,” said Sergio Gor, a GW senior and YAF activist. “The only reason we got attacked was because we’re a conservative group.”

Meanwhile, LGF looks at what the Washington Post is doing: Covering for the haters.

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Here’s the hoaxers’ confession if you haven’t already seen in it.

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