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Desperate Dems play with S-CHIP again

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 15, 2007 11:18 AM

Instead of working with Republicans to pass an acceptable bill for funding CHIP, the federal children’s (well, children plus adults plus maybe illegal aliens, but they won’t say it) health insurance program, the Dems are plotting ways to use it to embarrass the GOP come election time. Of course, they really, really, really do care about The Children. It’s all about The Children. Via the Politico:

Democrats are considering giving Republicans a stark choice on the stalled children’s health bill – cut a deal now or face a politically treacherous vote on the issue one month before next year’s elections.

The SCHIP debate has been quiet publicly, but behind the scenes Democrats and Republicans have been negotiating for weeks. President Bush has already vetoed one SCHIP bill, and he has threatened to veto the latest version of the legislation, even though it has been modified to include firm income caps on eligibility and stronger language to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving the health benefits.

If there is no deal by mid-December to expand the program to 10 million lower income children, Democrats may just propose a temporary extension until Sept. 30, 2008, which would force a vote on a critical issue just before election, according to Democratic aides. Sept. 30 marks the end of the fiscal year, but the timing, of course, would make vulnerable Republicans either abandon their party and approve the bill or vote against a popular social program just before the election.

Let ’em do it. Looks like they learned nothing from liberal Oregon.

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