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Another Jihad Jane?!?

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 19, 2007 11:21 AM

The illegal alien CIA/FBI agent Nada Prouty debacle keeps getting worse and worse, uglier and uglier, outrageous and more outrageous. Today, the NYPost reports that Prouty’s former sister-in-law also engaged in a bogus immigration marriage scam and is now a…Marine officer:

The illegal immigrant with Hezbollah ties who faked a marriage to get U.S. citizenship, and then landed jobs as a top-level federal agent, has a former sister-in-law who pulled the same scam and is now a Marine officer, The Post has learned.

Commissioned Officer Samar Khalil Nabbou Spinelli married the brother of the sham first husband of disgraced former FBI and covert-ops CIA agent Nada Prouty, according to a tangled trail of public records.

The Lebanese women, who came to the United States on nonimmigrant visas, wed Michigan brothers Christopher and Jean Paul Deladurantaye in 1990, records show…

… Spinelli enlisted in the Marine in 1990 and rose to the rank of commissioned officer, which required US citizenship.

Nada Prouty used Spinelli, who is now remarried to a Marine, as a reference when she applied for an FBI job in 1997.

In court last week, Nada Prouty, who had been indicted earlier in the month, admitted she duped the FBI and CIA with her ill-gotten citizenship papers.

Spinelli – along with Nada Prouty’s sister and her Hezbollah-connected husband, Talil Kahil Chahine – was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the feds’ case against Nada Prouty.

She’s the only named co-conspirator who is a military officer.

The Post reports that Spinelli is currently stationed in Japan.

Hey, no big deal, though. The Bush Pentagon approves of immigration fraudsters in the military, remember?

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