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Former ABC News anchor Carole Simpson comes out of the closet she was never fully in

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 20, 2007 11:36 AM


Last month, the Hillary Clinton campaign proudly released this news:

During Senator Clinton’s recent campaign stop at a high school in Salem, New Hampshire to announce her “Agenda for Working Families,” Clinton received an unexpected endorsement from former ABC News Anchorwoman Carole Simpson.

During the question and answer portion of the event, Simpson stood up and stated that she had something to say to the Senator and what better time than to do it now. “I want to tell you tonight, because I happen to be here with my students, that I endorse you for president of the United States. It’s very freeing now that I’m not a journalist and I can speak my mind. I think you are the woman, and I think this is the time,” she eloquently stated. She added that she had a dream that there would be a woman president in her lifetime.

“I am very honored to have Carole Simpson’s endorsement and it was a wonderful surprise to hear during the event,” said Clinton. “I look forward to Carole’s continued support throughout the campaign season.”

In January 2007, Simpson joined the faculty at Emerson College in Boston. Prior to joining Emerson College, Simpson had a prominent journalism career. Simpson anchored ABC World News Tonight Sunday from 1988-2003, joined ABC News from NBC News in 1982. Prior to joining NBC News in 1974, she was an instructor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Simpson helped anchor ABC’s coverage of events, including the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa, the Tiananmen Square massacre and events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing. Her reports have appeared on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Good Morning America, 20/20, Nightline and numerous ABC Special Events programs. Simpson moderated the 1992 presidential debate; she was the first woman and first African American to do so.

You can listen to the audio of Simpson’s fawning over Hillary right here:

This, of course, is no surprise to anyone who watched Simpson at ABC News over the years. Funny that she declares herself more liberated now. When she was still at ABC, she openly fawned over Hillary six years ago upon her Senate election without any inhibitions:

“What an exhilarating moment it must have been for [Hillary Clinton] – the first First Lady in history to be elected to public office. There, for all the nay-sayers to see, was the woman who had finally come into her own, free at last to be smart, outspoken, independent, and provocative, all qualities she had been forced as First Lady, to ‘hide under a bushel.’ Still she was voted one of America’s most admired women. Just wait. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

— “On My Mind” ABCNews.com commentary by ABC anchor Carole Simpson

And Newsbusters remembers Simpson’s nauseating exchange with Bill Clinton in 1999 at a tomato factory:

Most infamously, in a 1999 interview with President Bill Clinton at an Arkansas tomato processing plant, Simpson made the story all about herself and her glory: “I have to bask in this moment, for a moment, because I am here talking to the most powerful man on the planet, who was a poor boy from Arkansas….I am an African-American woman, grew up working class on the south side of Chicago, and this is a pretty special moment for me to be here talking to you. How does it feel talking to me? That I made it, too, when people said I wouldn’t be able to?” Clinton: “It’s a great country.”

What is news is that some of her colleagues are actually disturbed by her declaration. Not that Simpson will have to suffer any real consequences for stepping over the line. Via yesterday’s Boston Globe:

It was an unorthodox political endorsement, to be sure. And in throwing her support behind presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with an unprompted, heartfelt speech at a New Hampshire rally last month, Carole Simpson, the longtime ABC news anchor-turned-Emerson College journalism instructor, flung herself into the partisan fires.
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While Clinton was quite taken by the unexpected backing, quickly issuing a press release touting it, others have taken offense. Over the past month, news of Simpson’s endorsement has barreled across the blogosphere, seized on by conservatives as proof of liberal media bias. And Emerson students and faculty continue to debate the ethics of a journalism instructor and well-known former reporter making a public show of support for a political candidate.

Simpson, 65, said she immediately regretted her actions and offered her resignation the next day, which university officials refused to accept. Now Simpson is considering an offer from the Clinton campaign to stump for the candidate, namely before black audiences in the South. She and other university officials have agreed she will not teach political journalism courses if she campaigns for Clinton.

“I know I made a mistake. It was definitely the wrong venue for my first foray into free speech,” Simpson said. “But I’d really like to see her win. After being a reporter for so many years, where you wish you could do more than you can, it would be nice to make a difference.”

So, she won’t teach “political journalism.”

What kind of “journalism,” then, will she teach?


Hugh Hewitt:

Wow, what a shocker. An MSMer turns out to root for the lefty. Is anyone really surprised? This is the MSM, and 90% of its senior elites are Democrats masquerading as “objective” analysts. They all deny this while working, but in retirement it turns out they have been card-carrying lefties their whole lives. They tell us it didn’t affect their work, but we laugh and move on.

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