“Posterizing” the Democrat Party contest: Announcing the finalists

Submissions for the michellemalkin.com “posterizing the Democrat Party” photo shop/graphic art contest–parodying the Huffington Post’s “posterizing the modern GOP” campaign–have poured in the past few days. Many of you did clever send-ups of the text-based HuffPo posters designed by “Got Milk” ad guru Rich Silverstein. Many others of you sent your favorite Dem-mocking photoshops. Several of you sent in fresh new, excellent designs. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed/blogged their entries. It was great fun sifting through all of them over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are the finalists. Hammers and sickles were popular. So were motivational poster spoofs. Weigh in on your favorite. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow. Without further ado, the nominees are…

From Kenny Hitt at Scarlet Eye:

From Thomas:

From threebsly:

From Jacob Bodnar:

From Sticky Notes:

From Sean Fousheé, Combined Arts Media, Inc.:

From Terry Barker:

From Mark S.:

From Michael Spillane:

From Liz P.:

From Matt Aho:

From Slublog:

From CoffeeShark:

From Bean Faux Art/Holland Studios:

From William Teach at Pirate’s Cove:

From old george:

From William P.:

From Blame America Last:

From David Lunde:

From Elizabeth with Hang With Me Productions:

Another from Matt Aho, who’s selling this one on magnets–with all proceeds going to Soldiers’ Angels:

From Christopher Raab:

From Patrick S., who gets a special award for best use of white space:

An honorable mention to See-Dubya.

Here’s Dan Riehl’s take. And Doug Ross’s. And Six Meat Buffet weighs in.

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