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Mohammed Teddy Bear fever: Catch it!

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 11, 2007 04:59 PM

Mark Steyn notes that maverick Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress is mortified by the Sudanese Mo Teddy Bear jihad and is gearing up to send Mohammed Teddy Bears to the Sudanese embassy to protest:

M: What are you yourself planning to do?

TF: I’m taking a large teddy bear to Ottawa to present it to the Sudanese ambassador there – I am hoping to do this by Sunday. We’re encouraging Muslims to mail in teddy bears, with the name “Muhammad” written on them, to the Sudanese ambassador.

M: So you’re going bear shopping soon?

TF: (Laughs) I’ve never bought teddy bears in my life; I’m 58 years old. I just have to find a one-ton teddy bear I can lug along to Ottawa. I have one at my desk right now, but it’s too tiny. I need a big one that I can leave at the doorstep of the Sudanese ambassador, and show him what I think.

Writes Steyn: Fatah “is currently doing a passable impression of Michelle Malkin” and says it’s worth noting “when Muslims draw the line at Stuffie Sharia and the other ludicrous improvisations of the perpetually outraged.” Indeed.

I’ll be sending Fatah one of our limited edition Mo Teddy Bears. Do you have one yet? They’re going fast…

Going, going…

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