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Good Samaritan, Bad Samaritan

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 14, 2007 12:45 PM

A few weeks ago, an illegal alien crossing the border from Mexico received nationwide MSM attention after he rescued a boy whose mother had died in a desert car crash. I noted the disproportionate amount of attention the incident received relative to other open borders stories with not-so-happy endings. Here’s another case to add to the double-standard docket. In California, a woman was raped by a Bad Samaritan who attacked her while she was stranded alone on a roadside.

Turns out the suspect is an illegal alien gardener. MyFoxLA reports:

A man who allegedly raped a 24-year-old woman whose car broke down on a San Diego freeway was expected to enter a plea today to six felony charges, prosecutors said.

Alejandro Martinez Leyva, 25, is charged with forcible rape, two counts of sexual penetration, sexual assault with the intent to commit rape, dissuading a witness and making a criminal threat.

He faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted, said Farrah Emami of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

The alleged victim was driving south on the San Diego (5) Freeway toward her home in San Diego County about 2:30 a.m. Saturday when her car spun out near the Junipero Serra Road off-ramp and became disabled.

Leyva allegedly stopped in front of her vehicle and offered assistance, then sexually assaulted her, according to authorities.

Semen found at the scene has been linked to Leyva, and the alleged victim has identified him from a photo, said sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

Leyva was arrested late Tuesday night at his San Juan Capistrano home, which is near the crime scene, Amormino said.

Leyva, a gardener and apparent illegal immigrant, was being held at the Orange County Jail, and an immigration hold was placed on him, Amormino said.

Here are some ugly details about the attack that you won’t read in the NYTimes or Washington Post:

The woman broke free and began to run away, but tripped in front of the car. Leyva allegedly grabbed her and threatened to push her down a nearby embankment if she did not cooperate, Emami said.

Leyva is accused of digitally penetrating her, then pushing her back into the car and trying to pull down her pants. He allegedly digitally penetrated her again before raping her, Emami said.

Leyva is charged with dissuading a witness for allegedly grabbing the cell phone at the beginning of the attack and throwing it out of reach, Emami said.

There are Good Samaritans and Bad Samaritans. There are illegal aliens who are just here to work and there are illegal aliens who are here to do harm. It is not nativist to point out that our government at all levels is incapable of distinguishing between distinguishing between the two–and utterly incapable of regulating and controlling who gets in, who stay out, and who should be kicked out.

Paul Mirengoff lambastes the WaPo editorial board’s nativist-smearing tactics.

John Derbyshire spells it out for the slow learners:

The U.S.A. has an immigration system, under laws passed by the people’s representatives in Congress. For twenty years the federal government, for reasons to do with ideology and “interest,” has failed to enforce those laws. As a result, tens of millions of foreigners have settled in our country unlawfully, while other foreigners who wish to settle here but respect our laws, wait long years in their home countries for permission to enter.

A great many Americans are very angry about this. If you were to poll those angry Americans on the topic of legal immigration, you’d get all sorts of answers, from severe-restrictionist to couldn’t-care-less. The center of gravity of the answers would probably be somewhere like: “Sure we should have immigrants, but it should be done legally, properly.”

The anger, the shouting, the jammed Congressional switchboards, the cable-news bloviating, is about the federal government’s failure to enforce federal law

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