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The wonder of life, no matter how short

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 17, 2007 08:50 AM

We’ll get to politics soon enough today. But let’s start Monday morning with a perspective-setting story sent in by reader Lorraine. 9News profiles a couple that rejected abortion when told that their unborn son had Potter’s Syndrome–a rare, fatal condition upon birth:

Doctors explained that amniotic fluid is critical for lungs to develop. The condition that the Harris’ son had is called Potter’s Syndrome. It is extremely rare and extremely serious.

“The doctor told us that the babies usually die of respiratory failure after they are born,” said Gina. The doctor explained that as long as the baby was inside Gina’s womb he’d be able to grow and thrive. Gina could provide everything her son needed. The question was: Could their son live on his own?

…”The doctor said that the majority of women with the diagnosis like this would terminate the pregnancy,” said Rob. “And as he started to say that Gina said, ‘No.’ She just stopped him.”

…Her husband added, “We decided we were going to enjoy our time with our son even if he is in Gina’s womb and we can’t see him yet, he’s still alive and he’s still kicking.” They named him David and cherished each moment as he grew. They focused on living in the present and not focusing on the uncertainty of the future.

Eight months together. A story of love. The lesson:

David Paul Harris was delivered at 3:25 in the morning, but passed away.

Seeing their son and holding him, the Harrises say they felt peace about all they had gone through.

“We held him and like any mom and dad we examined his features,” said Rob. “We were amazed to see how dark and thick his hair was.”

“I remember how soft his skin felt,” said Gina. “He was perfectly formed. I remember how soft his skin felt, those little things that even a picture cannot ever capture, so I made sure I remembered those things.”

They had six hours with their son.

“I found some comfort in the fact that he went from safe in my womb to God’s arms,” said Gina.

The Harrises say their faith has given them the strength and perspective they have needed to get through this time.

“We have a choice. We can be bitter or we can choose to appreciate what were given,” Gina said. “To actually carry a baby and be a mother is the greatest gift that anyone could have. I am confident that one day we will see David again and we’ll get to know our son in heaven.”

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