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ABC News reports on “TSA’s Secret Security Center”–except it’s not so “secret” anymore

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 22, 2007 09:15 AM

Am I the only one who read this ABC News report and wondered: “Why the hell am I reading this?”

As travel time for the Christmas holiday begins to reach its peak, there is a secret army of people working behind the scenes to keep travelers safe.

ABC News got an exclusive look inside the Transportation Security Operations Center — the nerve center of the government’s efforts to protect people who are criss-crossing the country, especially those who fly. The location of the facility is top secret, and it’s so sensitive, cameras had never been allowed in before…

…”It’s all about connecting the dots,” TSA Deputy Assistant Director Don Zimmerman told ABC News.

A bank of huge monitors allows the government to track air traffic, everything in the sky from commercial to cargo to general aviation.

“I can discern within seconds which aircraft have federal air marshals onboard, which have the federal flight deck officers, the armed pilots on board,” Zimmerman explained.

With 459 airports to monitor, there is always something going on. And the center’s staff is always trying to keep track of the action…

…Airport personnel across the country communicate with the center using the Domestic Events Network, a secure audio bulletin that alerts the center to rapidly unfolding emergencies.

What exactly did TSA hope to accomplish by allowing ABC News to tour this no-longer-secret “Secret Security Center” other than puffing itself up?

How does this promote and protect our safety?

You know they’ll find a way to blame the public or something, anything other than themselves for their latest folly. They have quite a track record putting public relations above the public interest.

TSA: Treating Secrets Arbitrarily. Thousands Standing Around. Terrible Stupidity Abounds.

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