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Countdown to Iowa: Let loose the testosterone!

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 2, 2008 11:24 AM

So much for kinder, gentler campaigning in Iowa. It’s Macho Man time.

Huckabee guru Ed Rollins wants to knock out Mitt Romney’s teeth.

Huckabee Hollywood pal Chuck Norris wants to choke the Romney people (via Allah):

At first, Mr. Norris’s anger seemed directed at the press or pundits, but then the action-film star lit into Mr. Romney for describing Mr. Huckabee as a preacher. “Get off of it. I don’t know how long Romney’s been governor, but I’m sure he’s been governor as long as Romney has,” Mr. Norris said.

After a blogger suggested that the actor and martial-arts aficionado deliver a “roundhouse kick” to Mr. Romney, Mr. Norris replied, “I don’t roundhouse kick. I choke. … I’d just like to choke those guys out.

Meanwhile, Silky Pony is trying to strut his macho stuff–a spectacle that has Phil Klein at The American Spectator (and most sane Iowans, I imagine) giggling:

EDWARDS’S PUGILISTIC populism (which John Tabin captured brilliantly last week) is an absurd spectacle to witness in person. I’ve never heard so much macho talk coming from an adult since I used to watch the WWF as a kid.

His closing argument is that, “I will fight for you with every fiber of my being,” and he spent the speech explaining why we needed a fighter, why he is itching for a fight, and why he can kick the butts of corporations because his father taught him to stand up to street toughs when he was a young boy. (I kid you not.)

During his speech, he recounted the story of a 17-year-old girl who died because her insurance company resisted approving payment for a liver transplant. “And people say to me, that what I’m supposed to do as your president, is to sit at a table, and negotiate with those people?” he asked indignantly.

“Let me say this very clearly: Never! It will NEVER happen when I am President of the United States!”

His heroic intransigence is especially silly coming from a man who wants to reengage with Iran and North Korea. So, if you’re a communist country that runs gulags and starves millions of its own people, a leading state sponsor of terrorism, a nation that threatens to wipe Israel off the map, vows “Death to America,” and supplies Iraqi insurgents weapons used to kill American soldiers, Edwards wants to chat. But meeting with an insurance executive is simply beyond the pale.

Next up: Denny K will bench-press his wife for the cameras!

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