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Rush Limbaugh weighs in: "Devastating, humiliating" night for Hillary

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 4, 2008 12:12 AM

Rush Limbaugh calls in to Fox News.

Huckabee won’t have the same base in New Hampshire. He’s not going to be critical of McCain. I think the Republican race is long, long to be decided.

Who’s his candidate? Haven’t picked one. I’m a rock-ribbed Republican conservative…Huckabee doesn’t have Reagan credentials. Few of the candidates do. This election is not going to be about Iraq or the war.

If Obama is the [Dem] nominee, it’ll be about issues…shaping up to be exciting. Elections ought to be about ideas. It will be clearly contrastable.

Laura Ingraham: Are we missing the boat on Huckabee? Sentiment is out there.

RL: I haven’t underestimated him at all. Angst? What is this angst? Pew poll came out that said 84 percent are satisfied with their lives…we’re not as nearly as desolate, destitute, as the Dems make us out to be. John Edwards makes us sound like destitute Louisiana in the 1920s.

Yes, Silky did sound like Huey Long, didn’t he?

Question: What if Huckabee calls to try and make up with you?

RL: It’s not going to happen…wouldn’t expect him to try and make peace.

Re. Hillary: This is a historic night in this country, folks. For the first time, a black candidate for president has won a presidential primary. A devastating and humiliating loss for Hillary…

Last word: “Democrats are hoping and praying that Huckabee is the nominee…”


Tom Tancredo on FNC. The biggest concern is McCain’s bump. “That’s scary.”

Shepherd Smith and Greta van Susteren are ganging up on Tancredo for characterizing McCain as scary.

None of the Fox people will let Tancredo explain himself. They cut him off.

As usual.

Tancredo: “I do not believe Huckabee has the staying power. He’s not a factor. The most worrisome factor is the McCain factor.”

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