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A focus group campaign plant or a professional undecided voter?

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 7, 2008 09:08 AM

Update 10:50pm Eastern. Here’s an explanation, sort of, from Luntz. The focus group is an “anthropological” effort, says Luntz, in which members often are invited back if they’ve changed their minds. Still doesn’t answer how exactly they find these people and who they are.

Free Republic posters and several other readers have sent along a video showing an “undecided” member of Frank Luntz’s focus groups who showed up at both the Sept. 5 New Hampshire debate and last night’s NH debate. Anyone recognize the dude? HA’s Bryan and Allah mull over accusations that one campaign or another planted the guy. BP: “He seems more like a Greg Packer figure if anything, a legitimate private citizen who turns up in the press because he sets out to do that on his own.” AP: “Some of the Freepers are wondering if he’s a “professional” focus group member…Obviously that would be a problem.”

Yep. I think Frank Luntz, not any of the campaigns, is the one who needs to answer the questions about who Mr. Undecided is–and how he managed to end up in both focus groups. Transparency about how all of the people in the room ended up there would be wise.



Meanwhile, Hillary hires out-of-staters to pack rally.

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