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Meanwhile, in Gaza City

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 9, 2008 02:14 PM

Taking a break from election coverage, here’s your American flag desecration of the day via Yahoo! News (click for full image):


Who are they? They’re Palestinian Hamas supporters angry at West Bank moderates who’ve welcomed President Bush and the Annapolis folly. The Dems all argue that such widespread anti-Americanism is Cowboy Bush’s fault–even as Bush forges ahead with the very same, flawed diplomatic process they keep advocating as the “solution” for the Middle East. They’ve been burning American flags long before Bush was in office. And as the next president of the United States will discover soon enough, they’ll keep burning them no matter who’s sitting in the White House.

When is an American flag not being burned somewhere in the world?


Commenter DBNinKY:

“Where are Al Gore and his gang of global warming alarmists? Shouldn’t Al and the bunch be educating Hamas on outdoor burning as a contributory effect to global warming, given the vast number of Old Glories they singe each day? Don’t they care about the environment?”

Commenter Twiggman:

“We should burn the Hamas flag daily…see how that goes over.”

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