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Gag-worthy quote of the day

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 14, 2008 09:27 PM

The Tyra Banks show e-mailed me a notice about the program they taped with Hillary Clinton today, which will air on Friday. Here’s the gag-worthy quote of the day from Sistah Hillary:

TYRA: . . . If you were a contestant on a reality show, would you rather be on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, or America’s Next Top Model?

SENATOR CLINTON: In my dreams I would be on America’s Next Top Model but in reality I would have to chose my limited talents and of them dancing is better than singing. You do not want me to sing.

TYRA: What type of dancing do you do? Do you do hip-hop? Can you do the Soulja Boy or the Spongebob dance?

SENATOR CLINTON: I have heard of those . . . I think that is a variation of what I did like 30, 40 years ago.

TYRA: My mother says the same thing.

SENATOR CLINTON: Everything gets recycled and gets a different name and [changes] slightly the hip action or shoulder action, whatever it is. I think it would have to be Dancing with the Stars, especially if I could have one of those really good partners.


TYRA: Now if you win, you are going to be Madam President or Madame?
. . . He [Bill Clinton] has to have another name because . . . it would be your time.

SENATOR CLINTON: Well, that is true. He will always be Mr. President but now we need to do a nationwide contest for a name.

QUESTION: Like a reality show.

SENATOR CLINTON: Like a reality show. This is good, because think about it; here are some of the things that have been suggested like First Mate. His Scottish friends say “First Laddy,” but we need ideas. I’ll just keep calling him Bill.

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