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McCain booed in Michigan…twice; Update: Video added

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 14, 2008 03:06 PM

Update: Here’s the vid of the booing at the Americans for Prosperity Summit event…

Mr. Shamnesty-Short Fuse almost walked off the stage during a campaign event with the AFL-CIO in Michigan. Audience members didn’t like his soft-on-illegal immigration blather. They booed. He pouted:

Sen. John McCain threatened Tuesday to cut short a speech to union leaders who booed his immigration views and later challenged his statements on organized labor and the Iraq war.

“If you like, I will leave,” McCain told the AFL-CIO’s Building and Construction Trades Department, pivoting briefly from the lectern. He returned to the microphone after the crowd quieted.

“OK, then please give me the courtesy I would give you.”

And what would the profanity-spewing McCain know about courtesy towards those with whom he disagress on immigration?


…the senator outlined his position on the Senate immigration debate, saying tougher border enforcement must be accompanied by guest-worker provisions that give illegal immigrants a legal path toward citizenship.

Murmurs from the crowd turned to booing. “Pay a decent wage!” one audience member shouted.

“I’ve heard that statement before,” McCain said before threatening to leave.

Afterward, the senator said he offered to cut his speech short “because I wanted to be heard.”

Cutting off debate with anti-amnesty opponents: It’s the McCain/open borders way.

Say it louder: BOOOOOO!


McCain was also booed at a conservative gathering in Livonia, Michigan, over the weekend, according to CNS News:

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, winner of last Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, drew cheers and jeers from an audience of over 500 conservative activists in Michigan over the weekend.

Just days ahead of the Michigan primary, McCain was one of three Republican presidential hopefuls, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, to visit the Americans for Prosperity Summit held Saturday in the Detroit suburb of Livonia.

McCain was alternately cheered and jeered by the vocal, pro-growth, “limit-the-government” activist crowd. He was cheered for his military service and for his pledges to maintain a strong defense, to cut taxes and to veto earmarks, but he was booed for his stances on immigration and the environment…

…McCain, who engaged the audience in a lengthy Q&A period, drew howls of protest and boos when he expressed support for allowing most illegal aliens to stay in the United States and when he opposed against any form of protectionism.

The Arizona Republican even promised one vocal detractor in the audience, John A. Hillman of Livonia, Mich., he would personally phone him and answer his questions as soon as he got back on his campaign bus.

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