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Stimulicious stupidity

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 25, 2008 01:26 PM

Hans Bader continues ripping Washington’s stimulicious stupidity. He explains how the vaunted tax rebates discourage work and economic activity:

Under the “stimulus” plan proposed by House leaders and the White House, you get a “rebate” — even if you work so little that you pay no taxes — but not if you work so much that your income exceeds a certain level. That’s a disincentive to work. Yet they have the audacity to call it an economic “stimulus”! (Rebates did not revive the economy in past recessions.) It’s just another form of welfare that will drive up the deficit.

Wouldn’t you like to hear a leading GOP presidential candidate tell those truths?

Too much to ask…


John Boehner asks out loud: “Are Republicans the party that can fix Washington?”

Yeah, sometimes you have to wonder.


President Bush tells Congress to hurry up with the paddles.

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