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The BDS brats in Brattleboro…and Denny K's postponement

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 30, 2008 10:52 AM

I blogged last month about the impeachment loons in Brattleboro, Vermont who want to subject President Bush and VP Cheney to arrest if the leaders set foot in their town. The brats in Brattleboro received national attention this week after they moved their petition through the town Select Board. A vote on the BDS measure is slated for March 4. The AP plays its violin for town officials whose feelings are hurt because of a backlash and mockery:

“Resident Kurt Daims, who submitted the petition, said late Tuesday he was chagrined that the town and its employees were subject to ridicule.”

Anyone who wears a Chavista beret on any day other than Halloween deserves all the ridicule they get:



Meantime, what’s up with Denny K? He vowed to introduce his impeachment articles on the night of the State of the Union. To the nutroots’ dismay, he didn’t deliver. Who got to him? The Plain Dealer has news of his postponement:

After promising to mark President Bush’s final State of the Union speech by introducing articles of impeachment against Bush, Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich postponed the effort.

Kucinich said Monday that he met with members of the House Judiciary Committee after making last week’s impeachment pledge. He said he came away “hopeful there will be an inquiry by the Judiciary Committee.”

“I will give them the opportunity to proceed before introducing articles of impeachment,” he said in a statement. The committee’s spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment…

…. Kucinich told The Plain Dealer editorial board last week that nine of the Judiciary Committee’s 40 members favor his bid to impeach Cheney.

“I do not believe that there will be an impeachment this year — I don’t think that will happen — but I do think that the questions relating to an inquiry of both the president and the vice president are important so that our nation has a real understanding of the effort that was made, a consistent effort, to mislead the people into supporting a war,” he said.

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