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Hey, Bob Dole, get back in your cage; Update: McCain camp plays the absolute moral authority card

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 4, 2008 11:04 PM

Update: The McCain camp goes after Romney for razzing Bob Dole–by hauling out the Absolute Moral Authority card. Geez.

A long, long time ago, I worked in the political videotape library at NBC News in Washington. We logged field tapes, input rough transcriptions with time codes, and helped compile clip reels. The liberal producers liked to string together Republican candidates’ embarrassing moments over the years. One of the favorites was of a snarling Bob Dole on the campaign trail in New Hampshire in 1988.

Confronted by a hostile voter, he snapped: “Get back in your cage.”

Dole went on to lose in 1988 and lose in 1996.

But he hasn’t stopped telling people to shut up.

Naturally, he’s a John McCain supporter and you’ve probably already read about his letter to Rush Limbaugh advising the talk show giant to lay off his good friend.

Hush, hush, the McCain people keep telling us. Stop yer jabbering about the GOP back-stabbing, media-pandering, homeland security-undermining, First Amendment-trashing Maverick.

It’s like the shamnesty debacle all over again, with Bob Dole playing the role of Trent “talk radio is the problem” Lott.

There’s only one proper response to Bob Dole’s attack on Rush for highlighting John McCain’s repeated attacks on conservaties:

Get back in your cage, Bob.

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