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The Romney endorsement: "That's like oil endorsing vinegar;" McCain: "Now we move forward;" Update: Huck – "I may get beat, but I'm not one to quit"

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 14, 2008 04:00 PM

Waiting for the Romney endorsement of McCain. Shep Smith on Fox quips: “That’s like oil endorsing vinegar.”

Romney – oil.

McCain – vinegar.

What does that make Huckabee?

Stand by for the liveblog…

Romney: I am honored to give my support to John McCain…I’m officially endorsing his candidacy…asking his delegates to vote for him…In the thick of the fight, it’s easy to lose sight of your opponents’ finer qualities. But the truth of the matter is, I could never quite do that…The caliber of the man was apparent. Sen. McCain understands the war we’re in, the necessity of victory, and the consequences of surrender. For him, natl security is not just another agenda item. It is the abiding concern and responsibility of the nation…This is a man who has served and suffered for his country…


McCain’s statement: I thank Gov Romney for his endorsement. More than that, I thank him for the hard, intensive, fine, honorable campaign he ran for the nomination of our party. And I think it is also extremely important to me that I not only have his endorsement, but that we join together and travel together not only for my candidacy, but…all the other races…I’m grateful for the fact that Gov. Romney has served the state of Mass…and ran a campaign that made me become a better candidate…

Just noting: McCain looks so much more uncomfortable than Romney does…Gov. Romney, thank you…Now we move forward.

Reporter question to Romney: Are you saying all the other differences are “papered over.”

MR: I still have my views. He still has his…But as a party, we come together. What I said at CPAC a week ago was that we have to focus on where we have common ground…let’s make progress while Democrats are fighting…issue that matters most right now–global jihad–that is an issue where McCain see eye to eye…no question in my mind: this individual should be president of the United States, not Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton….

Update: Huckabee on the phone with Neil Cavuto…”It’s one of those things we could all expect…I may get beat, but I’m not one to quit.” Assails “smoky, cigar-filled backrooms.”

“Right now, if I walk off the stage, people in Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Vermont…insult to those people.”

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