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The "Name One" game

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 20, 2008 11:41 AM

I enjoy watching Barack Obama’s supporters sputter when asked to name one of his Senate accomplishments as much as anyone else.

However, the “Name One” game feeds into one of the annoying platitudes that conservatives should be rejecting, not embracing–the idea that pieces of legislation with his name of them would qualify Obambi for the job of commander-in-chief.

As I noted when Arnold Schwarzengger endorsed John McCain and praised his ability to “get things done:”

“Get things done” is mindless liberal code for passing legislation and expanding government.

And as McCain’s ample legislative record demonstrates, “reaching across the political aisle” never entails pulling opponents to the right. It always entails selling out the right.

How about defending our side of the political aisle?

How about standing up to the regulatory and legislative encroachment of those on the other side of the political aisle?

How about limiting the damage done by Democrat meddlers trying to get their “things done?”

How about less trashing of the entrepreneurs on our side of the aisle who are the engine of our economy?

How about getting more things undone?

When the pundits play the “Name One” game with John McCain, his supporters can breezily reel off a list that starts with McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy. When they play with Hillary Clinton, she’ll bring up universal health care and and every other attempt at expanding government and limiting freedom.

Given those “accomplishments,” less would be better, no?

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