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Investigating criminal alien arrests in Milwaukee

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 9, 2008 02:58 PM

Frontpage Milwaukee has a special report on criminal alien arrests in Milwaukee. It’s good, basic coverage of the criminal alien revolving door. No open-borders propagandizing. No spin. Just the facts. Elizabeth Bolin reports:

One hundred eighty eight previously deported felons identified as illegal immigrants by federal and local officials were booked into the Milwaukee County Jail on new criminal charges, municipal violations, and other violations in the past four years, a three-month Frontpage Milwaukee investigation found.

That is between three and four arrests per week…

…Many of the previously deported felons have a long history of police contact. For instance, Osvaldo “Shootout” Lares had at least 19 interactions with law enforcement officials for crimes involving drug possession, weapon charges, murder, and traffic violations. Some on the list are gang members.

On Nov. 11, 2004, when the Milwaukee police came to arrest him on the charge of Attempted Homicide, they found $1,465 and marijuana in a shoebox. The criminal complaint also reports that marijuana was found in a plastic baggie hidden within a white sneaker. Lares was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to the House of Correction for 9 months. In a criminal complaint filed Nov. 5, 2004, Lares told police that he was a former member of the Mexican Posse gang, which represents Southern Mexico on the south side of Milwaukee.

In total, the felons had at least approximately 388 contacts with police and have been charged with at least 497 offenses dating back in some cases to 1986. The number of past law enforcement contacts is almost surely higher since the tallies only include those that resulted in criminal charges or non-municipal issued traffic offenses.

In addition, about nine previously deported felons have reoffended yet again after the federal detain holds were placed on them by the Milwaukee County jail, the Frontpage Milwaukee student journalists found.

Alfredo Rebollo is one example. Having already racked up 11 contacts with police for traffic violations, driving while his license was suspended, and reckless driving, a federal detain order was placed on him in 2005 for soliciting a prostitute. The criminal complaint states that Rebollo offered to pay a female $20 for oral sex. Though the detain order was placed on him in 2005, in October 2007, he was arrested for parking or standing in a prohibited area and his third offense of driving with a suspended license. He was fined. It is not clear if he was deported in 2005 and reentered the United States, or if he never left Wisconsin.

In light of the recent local immigration debate, the Frontpage Milwaukee team set out on a three-month investigation to see whether there are illegal immigrant inmates at the Milwaukee County jail or whether rhetoric about so-called “criminal aliens” is exaggerated. The issue gained new currency with the recent conviction of an illegal immigrant for murdering a Kenosha sheriff’s deputy.

How many are there in the Milwaukee County Jail? What did they do? It turns out no one knows for sure and, even when they are caught, not all of them are sent home. The FPM review appears to be the first of its kind in this state.

It should be replicated nationwide.


Related: Illegal alien convicted of killing Kenosha County sheriff’s deputy Frank Fabiano Jr

my Fabiano was overcome with emotion Friday as Circuit Judge Wilbur Warren read that the jury had found Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero guilty of first-degree intentional homicide and use of a dangerous weapon in the shooting death of her husband, Kenosha County sheriff’s deputy Frank Fabiano Jr.

Lopez-Quintero, 45, an illegal immigrant living in Kenosha, faces a mandatory life sentence for first-degree intentional homicide and up to an additional five years for use of a dangerous weapon. Warren said a sentencing date will be set soon.

The trial was moved to Racine County because of pre-trial publicity.

Fabiano, a former U.S. Marine and an 18-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, was gunned down on the night of May 16, 2007, while attempting a routine traffic stop in the Town of Somers.