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Another illegal alien May Day demonstration on the way

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 13, 2008 12:09 PM

The shamnesty forces are at it again. Lucky for us, they learned nothing from the failed illegal alien protests of two years ago–when open-borders radicals took to the streets, tore down American flags, wielded ethnic supremacist signs, and spun out of control. The national backlash galvanized pro-immigration enforcement forces and paved the road to defeat of the Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill.

Not sure why they think a repeat will help their cause, but I’m not going to complain about their cluelessness. Bring it on:

Pro-immigrant groups across the country are preparing to stage a series of marches May 1, pressing the White House and the Homeland Security Department to halt immigration raids and move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.

“Change is in the air,” Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of the Los Angeles-based Latino Movement USA, promises.

This year marks the third grass-roots-organized May Day event with two unique factors:

— The marches are being guided by a national coordinating committee — The First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living in the U.S.A.

— This is the first time that the marches will be held during a presidential election year.

Pro-immigrant groups from throughout the United States met in Mexico City in November to form the First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living in the U.S.A. Attracting minimal press attention, they formed the first national coordinating committee for the May Day marches. The initiating body consists of 46 members representing 23 states.

“The idea is that every single state and territory in the Union where we have Latinos living and working should have representation,” says Gutierrez.

National political analysts have been in open agreement for months that the outcome of the 2008 presidential election will depend heavily on the Latino and immigrant vote.

Where the experts part ways is in assessing the impact national demonstrations will have on other voters. Even among Latinos, opinions range widely.

National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguia handles the subject with cautious concern.

“Marches visually demonstrate to each of us that we are not alone, but this year there is only one march that will truly empower our community and demonstrate our clout. Our next march must be to the voting booth this November.”

Elena Rios, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association, counters, “If the marches are anything like they have been in the last few years, where more of our community are showing their pride and commitment to their fellow Latinos, whether they’re documented or not, I think it’s fantastic. I hope it gets media attention — and more than just Univision and Telemundo. I hope we get on CNN and mainstream English media talking about the importance of the Latino vote in this election year. It will have an impact.”

“It will have an impact.”

Yes, yes it will:




BTW: Will Barack Obama join in again? How about McCain outreach director Juan Hernandez?

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