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Outside The Wire DVDs available

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 24, 2008 09:04 PM

Milblogger/documentarian J.D. Johannes and producer David Chavarria have produced new DVDs in their excellent Outside The Wire series on the war in Iraq.

J.D. writes:

One year ago today, I took a back pack and two boxes full of spare TV gear to Iraq.

I had no idea what I would see, only where I would I go–Baghdad, Al Anbar province, Kharmah.

What I saw through the camera lens is what you will see on the three DVD episodes .

My documentaries about Iraq are unlike the approach of most documentary projects. Most documentary films are written before the first frame of footage is shot. They are scripted, planned and even rehearsed. Many of them, ala Michael Moore, star the director as the director begins with a premise and goes about proving it.

My documentaries are the exact opposite. I do not pretend I can script the war in iraq, I have no desire to star in anything. If there is a premise I set out to prove, it is that the war in Iraq is large, complex and best understood by watching it at the lowest unit levels where the grand strategies are distilled into micro-tactics.

The ‘Danger Close ‘ episode shows the folly of trying to script and plan a documentary about the Iraq war–the enemy is not always cooperative.

What you will see in the three documentaries is the Iraq war as I experienced it in the Spring and early Summer of 2007.

It is the war close up, in person and very, very real. Noting was staged, rehearsed or recreated. All the bullets, bombs and bad-guys are real.

In a month or two, I hope to go back to Iraq, to follow-up in the places I visited in 2007. In the Kharmah region of Iraq, my observations go back to 2005 .

What I will see, I have no idea. If I can continue to dodge bullets and bombs, I have no idea. But the story must be told. You can help me tell the story of brave men engaged in a relentless struggle by purchasing a DVD .

If you are tired of the story of daily car bombing and want to see what the war looks like at 5 feet, 11 inches off the ground, in Baghdad , al Anbar and Kharmah –buy the DVD .

Here’s the extended trailer:

Save yourselves time browsing at Hollyweird-dominated Blockbuster for something to watch. This is fabulous work and deserves your support.

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