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Fertile ground for fake hate

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 1, 2008 10:25 AM

I wrote a special column for the NYPost today on the Columbia University noose case.

Read it here. My conclusion:

Campuses remain fertile ground for hate-crime hoaxes because administrators – whipped up into p.c. frenzies when the “crimes” are first reported – are reluctant to crack down on minority students and professors who perpetrate the lies. In many of these cases, charges against the con artists are reduced to wrist-slaps or dropped completely.

And the university grievance-coddlers come up with excuses to rationalize away the manufactured hate: They meant well. At least they “raised awareness.” Nobody was hurt.

Bull, bull and bull. Faked campus hate crimes diminish the credibility of whistleblowers with bona-fide claims of victimization. They squander law-enforcement resources. They poison the academic environment.

It’s time to man up, stand up to race charlatans and crack down hard on those who play the system.

As the grievance-hustlers like to chant: “No justice, no peace.”

There’s definitely a book to be written someday on the phenomenon of hoax crimes.

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