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Fort Dix Six update: Gun supplier sentenced

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 1, 2008 06:47 PM

Remember Agron Abdullahu? He’s one of the Fort Dix Six jihad plotters who occupied his time in custody by drawing anti-FBI sketches. He was sentenced this week–20 months for supplying guns to the plotters:

A man who admitted letting a group of accused terror-plotters shoot his guns at a firing range was sentenced to 20 months in prison on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler said Agron Abdullahu deserved more than the 10 to 16 months that sentencing guidelines call for because he knew the men were talking about violence against Americans.

“I am convinced that he is not as innocent as he’d like us to believe,” Kugler said before handing down his sentence. “This is not a common, ordinary, technical violation of the law.”

The judge took the FBI-bashing sketches into account, but also had a little heart-bleeding for Abdullahu:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Hammer said it was clear that Abdullahu knew that the other men were talking about committing violence _ even if he was not aware of a specific terrorist plot.

Judge Kugler agreed, but dismissed the government’s contention that Abdullahu knew enough that higher sentencing guidelines should be used.

Kugler said his sentence was harsher than it could have been partly because of drawings found etched into the door of Abdullahu’s cell at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia. One had a gun pointed at the words, “FBI.”

While the judge was disturbed by that behavior, as well as Abdullahu’s interest in making bombs, he seemed to struggle with finding an appropriate sentence.

“There’s too much good in this man,” Kugler said, to give him the maximum sentence the government sought.

Coughlin said Abdullahu was grateful that the judge considered the good traits in him along with his mistakes.

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