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Obama adviser: Between 60,000 and 80,000 troops in Iraq by the end of 2010

By See-Dubya  •  April 4, 2008 04:21 PM

{Guest post by See-Dubya}

Sure, Obama says, he’s just one adviser out of many. But as you look through the article, you’ll see that this isn’t the first prominent Obamadviser to hint that “all troops out of Iraq” doesn’t actually mean “all troops out of Iraq”.

Obama himself is talking about maintaining a little “strike force”:

Both Clinton and Obama have talked about keeping some U.S. presence in Iraq after withdrawing the bulk of American troops, but it’s unclear how broad that presence would be. Obama’s Web site states that “some troops” would stay in Iraq to protect U.S. embassies and diplomats and carry out targeted strikes on Al Qaeda if the organization tries to keep a base in Iraq after U.S. withdrawal.

Obama talked about keeping a “strike force” in the region Monday. That drew questions from McCain who asked, “Where are they based? What do they do? Now I’m intrigued. He has said he will pull out all troops before. How do you reconcile those two?”

Strike Force! sure sounds cooler than “Leaving troops stationed in the middle east, re-invading every time Al Qaeda establishes a foothold or the Mahdi Army takes over a town”, I’ll grant him that much. And stationing it somewhere in “the Middle East” sounds closer than “Okinawa“.

Hey, you know where would be a good place to maintain a Strike Force! to watch over our interests in the Middle East and keep an eye on Iran and Syria?


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