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“Progress in Afghanistan” actually means…progress in Afghanistan

By See-Dubya  •  April 10, 2008 04:32 PM

Ray Robison takes on the media’s narrative about Afghanistan head-on, claiming it’s another Tet offensive–in the sense that yet again, the media is spinning American military victories into military defeats. His post is full of examples like this:

I remember one article in which the writer declared that the Taliban had “vast swaths of unchallenged territory, including rural areas.” The truth of the matter was that NATO forces had pushed the Taliban out of the towns and villages and into the wastelands. But even a clear victory finds the media unable to represent the truth of the matter that we are holding, expanding and rebuilding in Afghanistan.

He also goes through the latest NATO report about Afghanistan, and shows how much it is at odds with big media’s failure narrative:

The report, Progress in Afghanistan, belies the current media dictum in its’ very name. But the revelations in the report shred the media template to the point of making it incontestable that the American public is the victim of journalistic malpractice concerning Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a destitute country and there are huge logistical and political challenges to fighting there. But it doesn’t sound like we’re losing.

This is a great fact-filled little article to read before you go out to dinner with those liberal friends who you just know are going to bring up the war and talk politics, even though you try to change the subject, and drop a hint that you don’t actually agree with them that Dick Cheney eats live kittens. But noooooo…they believe that because you’re able to speak in complete sentences and don’t drool on yourself, you must therefore be one of the cool people who agrees with them.

Do you know those people? I think everybody knows those people.

Full NATO report here.

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