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Obama getting slapped around for campaign finance fibs (Deliciously UPDATED)

By See-Dubya  •  April 14, 2008 01:18 PM

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While Obama’s Crackerquiddick condescension burns through the internet, another minor scandal is simmering on the back burner. Bill Clinton brought the matter up a few days ago, only to be hit back hard with a little racial demagoguery. But things have changed, and it looks like they’re trying a do-over on the Obamessiah’s claims of campaign-finance purity:

Obama told the crowd that’s why he doesn’t accept contributions from political action committees or lobbyists.

“They’re not funding my campaign. They won’t run my White House,” he said.

However, campaign finance records show that Obama has received tens of thousands of dollars from people in many of the same groups and industries he regularly rails against.

“He may not take money from (political action committees) or lobbyists, but he is taking interest money,” said Sheila Krumholtz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign finance issues.

“He’s getting a lot of money from individuals representing lawyers and law firms, security firms, real estate and Hollywood,” Krumholtz said. “You can’t say that he doesn’t take special-interest money.”

Even…gasp..big oil? Big pharma?

People in the oil and gas industries have given $222,309 to Obama. He received $528,765 from the pharmaceutical and health industry, making him the largest recipient of the sector’s largesse.

Say it ain’t so, Barry O!

Of course, this kind of truth-shading couldn’t even slow down the Hopey McProgress juggernaut, but it takes some of the shine off. Obama’s most idealistic fans wouldn’t bat an eye at the contributions themselves, but they’ll get to stumble around a little bit explaining the Chosen One’s Clintonian meaning-of-is-is, did-not-have-financial-relations-with-that-industry, carefully parsed boasts.

Allah-style exit question: Does HillaryCo. really want to go down this road? Because all Obama has to do is bring up Norman Hsu and they’ll start to regret it.

UPDATE: New commenter Silkyinfamous finds that even NPR is looking into the truth of Obama’s beatitudes:

It is true, Obama does not take money from oil companies. No one does – it’s illegal. It’s sort of like Obama saying “I don’t rob banks to finance my campaign” – that would be illegal too. But he also does not take money from oil company political action committees (PACs) or lobbyists.

But boy, he sure does take money from people who work for oil companies. A lot of money.

…[T]wo of Obama’s fundraisers are oil company executives: Robert Cavnar, the chairman and chief executive of Houston-based Mission Resources Corp., and George Kaiser, the president and CEO of Tulsa-based Kaiser-Francis Oil Co.

My, this popcorn is delicious.

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