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Tim Robbins opens his mouth, National Association of Broadcasters swoons

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 14, 2008 09:52 PM

1actorrobbins.jpg The mainstream media has a reputation for being incurably left-wing. Because the MSM is left-wing. So whom did the National Association of Broadcasters invite to keynote its annual convention in Las Vegas to help provide balance? Why, far Left activist actor Tim Robbins, of course!

After extending the invitation, someone apparently had second thoughts and asked him to ditch his prepared speech and sit for a question-and-answer session instead.

No go.

Robbins strutted up to the podium, took a vote on whether he should deliver his diatribe, and then, having won approval from the audience, indignantly excoriated the media masochists–the majority of whom cheered every profane, unhinged, Bush-bashing word.

The moderator of the Q&A session that never occurred has a post about Robbins’ triumph, which he praised as “important,” here. More here. TV Newser adds this:

The idea of an outspoken actor giving the keynote to the nation’s broadcasters was lost on many people, including Robbins himself. Speaking in the third person, he said “Mr. Robbins will speak about the challenges facing broadcasters and media delivery systems.” Adding, “I’m not sure what that fucking means.”

Variety swooned:

Addressing the kickoff of the National Assn. of Broadcasters confab in Las Vegas, Robbins at first hesitated over whether to deliver the speech he had prepared, thinking he might serve the audience better by submitting to a Q&A session with a moderator.

But after some back and forth with the audience, which encouraged him to go with the speech, Robbins obliged. He launched into an apology to conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly “and Laura whatshername,” noting that all had labeled him traitorous or unpatriotic for having called for more time to be given to U.N. weapons inspectors before deploying military force against Iraq.

“They said I was a dupe of left-wing appeasement … and how right they were,” Robbins quipped. “Had I known then of all the smiling faces” that now populate Iraq, “the wildfire of democracy that is spreading throughout the Middle East,” he would have not spoken as he did, he said.

He added that he can see now that his words were indeed “traitorous, unfounded and irresponsible, so I apologize to the talkradio geniuses.”

…The fun started to get uncomfortable when Robbins referred to both the Reagan and Clinton administrations having eased limitations on media ownership — all to the “benefit” of communities, which then no longer had to listen to diverse, complex opinions “or alternative rock.” NAB has supported relaxing ownership rules…

…”In all seriousness, folks,” Robbins said, dropping the good-natured satirical tone, “We’re at an abyss as an industry and a country.” He talked of pervasive cynicism in the country and added that “you, as broadcasters, have the power to turn the nation away from cynicism. Or you can hide behind the old adage, ‘I’m just a businessman, just providing what the audience wants.’ ”

Robbins urged the mass of broadcasters to join the relatively few, he said, that are trying to steer away from mindless sensationalism to “appeal to our better nature.” Who knows, he said — there might even be money in that. The audience laughed.

Laughed…because maybe they’ve read the stories about all those anti-war movies tanking at the box office.

Robbins forged ahead with his anti-Ayn Rand sermon:

“Now is the time to recognize that you are not just businessmen but guardians of the human spirit with a responsibility to the health of the nation.” Otherwise, Robbins warned, “The road we’re on is a corruption of our former selves.”

About two-thirds of the packed ballroom rose to a standing ovation.

Guess this all part of that crushing-of-dissent thing of which Robbins claims he is such a victim.

It is just so very, very damned difficult to speak your mind (such as it is) when you’re a Hollywood liberal in America, isn’t it?


Flashback: Robbins slanders American troops.

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