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The stench from "MyBO"

By See-Dubya  •  April 21, 2008 03:21 AM

First of all, who thought that “MyBO” would be a good name for a pro-Obamessiah online community? The jokes write themselves. But the name is just the beginning.

Apparently the wonderful shiny happy Obama cult is engaging in a little bit of online extremism, and causing the Obama webmasters fits–and keeping righty bloggers busy. Example:

“I am not a Zionist,” she [the administrator of one of the niche sites on MyBO] wrote when she raised the warning flag April 9, “but I am very aware of the widespread concern that Rev. (Louis) Farrakhan’s association with Rev. Wright creates an opportunity for opponents to falsely claim that Senator Obama is anti-Semitic. Any posts that support this false claim will not be approved. Examples include direct comparison between the Nazi Holocaust and the oppression of Tibet or Palestinians.”

That same day, the Obama campaign deleted Tony Wicher’s profile from MyBO. Wicher is a 62-year-old computer programmer from Ontario, Calif., whose references to “Zionist Thought Police” and Israeli “apartheid” made him a favorite Israpundit target.

That’s Bill Levinson at Israpundit, who’s been mining the MyBO forums for nuttiness. Levinson admits, correctly, that these are cheap gotchas–what people post in what amounts to a comment section isn’t directly attributable to the candidate. It is revealing, though, in that it shows the kind of wackos the Obamessiah’s no-flag-pin smartypants act is attracting to MyBO.

It’s actually the less extreme examples quoted in that article that are more interesting. This guy, for example, just can’t understand why the MyBO moderators shut down his awesome idea:

LaFleur, who already belongs to 64 different Obama groups, recently tried to launch a new one — White Folks for Obama. His intent was not to provoke but to disarm, his point being that throughout the process white folks have supported Obama in large numbers and will continue to do so. The powers that be stalled him. Instead, he and his girlfriend created a Web site for the group off MyBO.

I’m sure Exalted Cyclops is kicking himself that he missed the signup for that one.

And then this guy:

“I think that Obama’s political genius is [Obamessiah rosary omitted–See Dub],” Ben Vos, a 33-year-old evangelical Christian who works as a therapist in Nashville, Tenn., wrote in an e-mail.

Vos, who voted for Bush in 2000, belongs to 25 MyBO groups — including Pro-Life for Obama and Believers for Barack. He also founded Beer Drinkers for Barack to combat Karl Rove’s depiction of Obama as the darling of “the white wine crowd.”

Pro-Life for Obama? Dude, no. No.


P.S. Karl Rove’s depiction of Obama as a Chardonnay Che? We get no respect!

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