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Which terrorists support which Democratic presidential candidate?

By See-Dubya  •  April 22, 2008 06:07 PM

You know, I hear about all these obscure terrorist groups that support Obama, and I hear about Hillary doing favors for some others, and it just leaves me scratching my head. FALN? FARC? Weathermen? So, I made up a little guide for you:


You betcha I went there. If you post this on a blog or some other site, would you kindly link back here? Thanks.

Slightly larger version, suitable for, e.g., posting outside DNC HQ, is here.

This is a quick poster-sized version, of course, and I had to leave off a lot of good stuff and juicy nuance. But a good place to go for some of that is Nice Deb’s deeper, linky roundup of thugs, tyrants, and terrorists boosting Obama. And then you might go look at Perfunction, where “Cuffy Meigs” has been poring over Bill Ayers’ blog and highlighting the bomber’s attempts to equivocate and explain away his reign of anti-American terror.

Cuffy even tried to leave a comment on Ayers’s blog. Heh:


As for further reading on Hillary’s transgressions, don’t think there’s much danger of Kos & co. letting us forget them. Unless she pulls this one out and gets the nomination.

(Post by See-Dubya)

UPDATE: DoublePlusUndead continues the march through Bill Ayers’ blog–so you don’t have to waste any brain cells on it. Remember: tenured professor. Just like Bernadine/Bernadette Dohrn, who is a law instructor at Northwestern. As I suggested here, imagine if Eric Rudolph or Terry Nichols were a tenured professor at a decent college somewhere. Imagine the (completely justified) outrage. Now imagine they were raising funds for McCain.

I linked this in the comments, but let’s throw it up in the post. Here’s Dohrn on the Manson family:

At a 1969 “War Council” in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn gave her most memorable and notorious speech to her followers. Holding her fingers in what became the Weatherman “fork salute,” she said of the bloody murders recently committed by the Manson Family in which the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and a Folgers Coffee heiress and several other inhabitants of a Benedict Canyon mansion were brutally stabbed to death: “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” The “War Council” ended with a formal declaration of war against “AmeriKKKa,” always spelled with three K’s to signify the United States’ allegedly ineradicable white racism.

I think she may be worse than Ayers.

Anyway, that’s who Obama breaks bread with.

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